Mind Your Manners was created by a vision to revolutionize swimwear – where impeccable fit, timeless designs, and unwavering sustainability converge seamlessly. Our inception arose from a profound desire to transcend the ordinary, crafting swimwear that encapsulates perfection in every thread. Rooted in an unyielding commitment to sustainability, we steadfastly refuse to compromise on quality. Step into a world where swimwear isn't just a garment, but an embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship and a dedication to preserving our planet.

Mind Your Manners Founder and CEO: Dina Leonne

Dina's journey into the world of swimwear began with her deep-rooted connection to the Mediterranean beaches of her childhood in Lebanon. Spending countless hours at the beach, she developed a profound love for the ocean's beauty and tranquility. Dina's fascination with the timeless charm of those beach days evolved into a burning desire to capture that essence in her own designs. Dina's passion for the  environment converged when she realized the immense impact that the fashion industry had on the planet. Determined to make a difference, she set out to create swimwear that not only embodied the nostalgia of her childhood but also embodied sustainability. Dina began crafting her swimwear line with eco-friendly materials, salvaging inspiration from the ocean's rhythms and translating them into timeless designs. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, memory, and a resolute commitment to contribute positively to the world.